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Moko Research

⛔ NOTICE: Currently engaged in long term contract ⛔ I currently have a long term contract with “The Society Library” doing work automating fact-checked debate maps on policy questions (see an ). I will probably not be able to pick up additional work for a while though please still feel free to connect, as I would love to offer free consultation about how to approach your project and am always looking for future opportunities and collaborations to do impactful work.

Contact me for free development of tools to automate your research:

Quality Research Made Cheaper with AI

Are you tired of spending hours on research? Hi! My name is Ben, and I’m a software engineer and freelance entrepreneur who specializes in automating research with AI to save you time and money. “Moko” is the Lithuanian word for teach, and so my goal is to help you research better so you can share and “teach” that research better to others.
In today’s age, being able to successfully find the information you need from the internet is becoming more and more important. Through the internet, the knowledge of the entire world is at our fingertips, and yet, as good as Google is, it still takes forever to find the information we want. In a fast-paced world where information is needed quickly, efficient research becomes crucial.
I have started Moko Research to help solve this problem and am dedicating my life to helping people get more of the information they need faster, cheaper, and of higher quality. Recent advances in AI are allowing for incredible changes in how we access information. Unlike the generic AI research services out there though, I develop AI-powered software that not only accelerates research, enabling information to be found at unprecedented speeds, but also maintains the high-quality standards typically associated with manual research. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to quality research since every information problem has a different research process. Thus to keep both speed and quality, specialized approaches are needed. Moko Research offers custom solutions to help you get quality research faster.
If you currently research anything on the internet, Moko Research can help do it for you faster and cheaper and maintain the same or a higher level of quality as what you currently do. Previous projects have seen a cost-effective 2-20x speed up in research done. Contact me at and let’s chat about your use case!

I Create Custom Research Tools!

Here is how it works...

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Decide what needs to be researched: Determine what you want researched and the typical steps involved. Also determine a price per research session that ensures my services are more cost-effective than doing it on your own! (Also check out the other Moko Research to see if any overlap with your current research needs)
Get free consultation and development: Contact me at and we can set up a meeting to discuss your project. We will determine the requirements for the project and a 'per-use' or one-time-cost price that suits your budget. I only charge for the use of the tool or the final software package, not for its development. This ensures no risk for you - you only pay for what you use. Once I have a good understanding of the project, I will start development right away!
Start using your custom tool and pay only after there are results: Start using your research tool once it meets your needs! (and only pay when it does 😉)
*Development is free* so you only pay for what you use. I will make your research cheaper than what you currently do!

Past Moko Research Automation Projects

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Pro/Con Evidence Searcher

The Moko Research Pro/Con Evidence Searcher can find an extensive list of pros and cons that cover all sides of an issue. It also cites a large list of quotes from studies, news, and the web supporting each argument. It reduces time taken to research pros, cons, and evidence by 50%-90% (Note: some manual work is still required). Contact me at and I will find a price that makes this research cheaper for you!
See an example:
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Political Candidate Website, Email, and Social Media Finder

The Moko Research Candidate Profiler allows you to find the email, campaign website, and social media profiles of political candidates given only a name, state, and office. This project was made in partnership with Ballotpedia through their Fellowship Program.
See an example:

Home Page:
Example Research:

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